Premium PURELAC ROYAL+, Best Choice For Your Baby
  • PURELAC’s Baby
    Health-Care Project
  • PURELAC’s Golden
    Poop Project
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PURELAC contains the basic of baby health.
PURELAC’s Baby Health-Care Project

‘ PURELAC will take care what is picky ’

Probiotics, DHA, many other nutrients...
why there are so many things a baby needs to grow up healthily.
For baby's bowel, the Premium PURELAC
will takes care of your mother's worries.
Chosen only the baby needs and put the good things unsparingly.

Baby Health-Care Project 1

Our Babies Eat Well and Poop Well

Our babies wholly rely on formula so nutrients should be supplied on time and digested well.
Stages are divided in the ratio of Whey protein to Casein.
PURELAC is Syn-biotics (Probiotics (Live Bacteria) + Prebiotics (Fertilizer for good Bacteria)) Formula.

Feeding additional Probiotics is not necessary.
(Probiotics Maximum Daily Intake is more than 525 million CFU)
  • Infant (0~6months)
    Whey Protein 60%
    Casein 40%
  • Growth (6~12months)
    Whey Protein 44%
    Casein 56%
  • Development (12~36months)
    Whey Protein 40%
    Casein 60%
  • Whey to help digestion, proteins to promote growth, mixed by stages.

Baby Health-Care Project 2

Our Babies Grow Healthy

Live Bacteria (Probiotics) and Fertilizer for good Bacteria (Prebiotics) are in the PURELAC together.
PURELAC contains Omega3, Nucleotide and others from cows that feed on grass in clean nature,
and added a lot of lactose in the colostrum.

  • Lactoferrin Nucleotides
  • OMEGA 3 Recommended

  • PREBIOTICS Galactooligosaccharide
    1:1 mixture
  • PROBIOTICS Maximum Daily
    Intake is more than
    525 million CFU

Baby Health-Care Project 3

Our Babies Grow Smart

For the first three years of our baby's brain development,
Purelac blends DHA & Arachidonic acid optimized at the ratio of 1:1,
adding lutein related with vision development.
The neurotransmitter 'choline' and the retinal component 'taurine' are well blended.

Baby Health-Care Project 4

The more baby grows,
the higher nutrition should takes.

PURELAC ROYAL+ Increased the amount of essential nutrients according
to baby's growth stage and digestive absorption capacity,
and provide the necessary amount of nutrients in time.
Precisely designed the feed rate of essential nutrients such as
proteins, vitamins, iron, calcium, phosphorus, DHA /ARA and magnesium for each stage of growth.
Added beta-palmitic acid (OPO) effective for calcium and fatty acid absorption.

  • Protein
  • Vitamins
  • Nucleotides
  • Calcium
  • Iron
  • Lutein
  • Prebiotics